Triple Treat Chocolates - 20 ct box

Triple Treat Chocolates - 20 ct box
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Product Description

Triple Treat Chocolates Enjoy The Ultimate (Guilt-Free) Chocolate Experience! These delectable, premium dark chocolate feature calcium, vitamin D and magnesium for strong and healthy bones; reishi mushrooms for powerful immune support; and ethically-traded, kosher-certified antioxidant-rich cocoa.* All natural, gluten-free, sugar-free, glycemic-friendly, and preservative-free.

Triple Treat Chocolates product report

SUMMER SHIPPING RATES MAY APPLY - shipping surcharge of $20 for shipping by 3-day air and for the chocolate to be shipped on its own (as a separate shipment). Chocolate is shipped only on these days of the week: Mondays and Tuesdays

ALLERGY INFORMATION: Contains soy. This product is manufactured on equipment that may also process milk, peanuts and other tree nuts, coconut, eggs, and wheat.

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