Beyond Tangy Tangerine® 2.5 - 6 Pack

Beyond Tangy Tangerine® 2.5 - 6 Pack
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Product Description

There’s no easier way to provide your body with essential nutrients. This multi-vitamin mineral complex contains whole foods, trace minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics and probiotics, amino acids and methylfolate. Plus, you get synergizing nutrients that help ensure maximum absorption in your body. And with an ORAC Score (antioxidant capacity) of 8,000, you get even more antioxidants to combat free radicals and support your overall health. Now improved, with more Beet Root powder, methylfolate added, and an improved taste of tropical tangerine!

Sugar-free, Gluten-free

WHO IS IT FOR?: anyone seeking a complete multi-vitamin mineral complex to support overall health.

WHAT IT DOES: provides the body with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, methylfolate, and antioxidants.

• Synergizing cofactors ensure maximum nutrient absorption and benefits
• An unusually high 8,000 ORAC (antioxidant ) score per serving
• Prebiotics. probiotics amino acids, and enzymes to support digestion

Vitamin A: A powerful antioxidant that’s known to help support the immune system, healthy vision, healthy skin, healthy bones and teeth, and more. 4*
Vitamin C: Powerful antioxidant that helps protect our bodies from free radicals that cause oxidative stress. It also helps to regenerate your supplies of vitamin E (another useful antioxidant). 5*.
Vitamin D3: A deficiency of vitamin D3 has been linked to increased susceptibility to bone and joint inflammation and related conditions. 6* .
Methylfolate: Low folate levels may lead to anemia.7* Methylfolate is also helpful for people who are not able to metabolize folic acid due to the MTHFR gene variant.
Beet Root Powder:Beet root powder may support healthy heart function and blood pressure, and may help with athletic endurance.8*
PuriGenic Free Radical Defense System (Proprietary Blend):
Organic amla bioflavonoid complex: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory known to enhance the action of vitamin C and support blood circulation.
Selenomethionine: potent antioxidant and immune system booster.
Grape seed extract: may help with poor circulation and swelling caused by injury.
Pre-Pro Prebiotic and Probiotic Blend:
Includes prebiotic fiber, FOS, lactobacillus acidophilus, and L. sporogenes, which may help support digestion.

Organic Amino Acid Complex Organic: May balance blood sugar levels in the body and help improve athletic performance.
Certified Organic Whole Foods Includes: • Acerola fruit extract • Beet juice • Carrot root

Typical Amino Acid Profile for BTT 2.5 from Organic Rice Protein in Whole Foods Blend

(mg per serving) as follows: Alanine 26.91 Arginine 38.18 Aspartic acid 39.22 Cystine 15.81 Glutamic acid 84.58 Glycine 20.47 Histidine 10.81 Isoluecine 20.18 Leucine 39.85 Lysine 12.71 Methionine 15.76 Phenylalanine 26.11 Proline 20.18 Serine 22.89 Threonine 16.79 Tryptophan 5.64 Tyrosine 26.39 Valine 27.95

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