Tropical Plus 32 FL OZ

Tropical Plus 32 FL OZ
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Product Description

Tropical Plus is an all-natural, great-tasting liquid concentrate that combines Plant Derived Minerals™ with a rainbow of good nutrition including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, electrolytes, and antioxidants.

1 oz. per 100 lbs. This is a great option for people with very sensitive stomachs who need to ease into nutrition slowly starting wit lower concentrations of nutrients. This product does NOT contain vitamin K.

Has a nice taste and good if there are fruit and vegetable allergies.

Like our popular Cheri-Mins™, kids and adults alike will love the great taste of Majestic Earth® Tropical Plus™. Women of childbearing age especially may appreciate the addition of folate. Public health authorities recommend that women consume 0.4 mg folic acid daily from fortified foods or dietary supplements or both to reduce the risk of neural tube defects.*

Tropical Plus Supplement Facts

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