ProJoba Super Complete Pack

ProJoba Super Complete Pack
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Product Description

ProJoba Super Complete Pack is a Powerful Healthy Super complete pack which shows the Power of Pollen! Formulated to support energy and endurance, detoxification, and intestinal health.


3 POLAX - Natural Energizer and Powerful Antioxidant (Now made in the USA) Polbax™ - is the natural energizer and powerful antioxidant nutritional supplement, free from preservatives, synthetic chemicals and allergic substances. It has the ability to help restore energy without negative side effects.

1 PROBACILLUS PLUS - A pharmaceutical quality blend of the two human strains of lactic acid bacteria found in the healthy intestinal tract of every human being–Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacteria bifidum. Probiotic

1 HEPOL - A blend that contains SOD (superoxide dismutase), Botanical Glutathione, and Aloe Vera, which are all helpful in maintaining a healthy liver.

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