CAL Toddy™ - 32 fl oz

CAL Toddy™ - 32 fl oz
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Product Description

CAL Toddy contains 1200 mg calcium per serving plus Vitamin D and mineral co-factors shown to promote calcium uptake.*

SUGGESTED USE: Take one ounce daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

CAL Toddy Supplement Facts

CAL Toddy has been specially formulated to provide the body with the minerals magnesium, manganese, zinc, boron and copper which have been known to improve the uptake of calcium by the bone.

Interesting facts about Calcium Absorption

Calcium is an important nutrient for the body in the development and maintenance of healthy bones. According to government figures, the average calcium intake of most American adults, both men and women, fails to meet standards for healthy bones set by the National Institutes of Health. In fact, on average, women over age 50 get less than half the calcium they need! Calcium supplementation is also especially important for athletes.

The majority (99 percent) of the body's calcium is found in the skeletal system. However, a very small amount (1 percent) circulates in the bloodstream where it is vital to internal biochemistry. When calcium intake is less than optimal the body's equilibrium mechanisms will pull calcium from the bones to maintain adequate calcium in the blood - thus furthering chances of osteoporosis.

Research proves calcium supplements can decrease the risk of bone loss and fractures due to osteoporosis.

Studies show that supplemental calcium should be chelated and combined with synergistic nutrients to ensure absorption. In addition to calcium, other minerals and nutrients promote assimilation of calcium. Certain nutrients which enhance the absorption and retention of calcium are: potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper and boron. These nutrients assist in the assimilation of calcium so it can work to help stop bone loss and improve electrolyte balance.

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