Ultimate Microbiome

Ultimate Microbiome
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Product Description

A deeper understanding of the microbiome (your entire gut ecosystem) has changed everything we thought we knew about nutrition, digestion, immunity, and metabolism. Specifically formulated to optimize this ecosystem, Ultimate Microbiome provides prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotic support. Through an exclusive probiotic blend, our proprietary i26 Hyperimmune Egg Powder, and a powerful Multi-Enzyme Complex, it provides holistic gut health properties not found in any other product.

What exactly are postbiotics? Postbiotics are metabolic byproducts of probiotic bacteria, which seem to be responsible for many of the beneficial effects of probiotics. They may also provide protection against harmful bacteria, which is key to helping regulate your gastrointestinal health.

Who itís for: anyone seeking a single source for holistic gut health to support digestion, immune function, mood, seasonal allergy relief, skin health, weight loss, and sleep.

What it does: may help:

Stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria Supports healthy digestion Promotes immune health Boosts mood Promotes relief from seasonal allergies Promotes skin health Supports healthy weight loss Support healthy sleep patterns What sets this product apart?

A holistic approach to total gut health Contains our proprietary i26 Hyperimmune Egg Powder, which may eliminate bacterial pathogens and balance immune inflammatory responses. i26 Hyperimmune Egg Powder patent: prevents, counters, or reduces gastrointestinal damage by administering milk or egg products from hyperimmunized animals. Contains an Exclusive Probiotic Blend that may: Prevent harmful bacteria from colonizing the intestine Enhance mood Increase the gutís population of beneficial bacteria (aiding digestion) Help with gut balance and stability Contains the DigeZyme Multi-Enzyme Complex, which may help break down food so the body can soak up nutrients, digest fruits and vegetables, and break down lactose. Promotes the production of postbiotics in the bodyómetabolic byproducts responsible for many probiotic benefits. They may also provide protection against harmful bacteria.

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