Womens FX Black Cohosh - 4 Pack

Womens FX Black Cohosh - 4 Pack
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Product Description

Womens FX Black Cohosh Supplement Facts

Womens Fx with Black Cohosh is specially designed to support womens health, well-being, and transition through menopause.*

Supportive for menopausal women Purifies, nourishes, cleanses Helps with mild mood changes, cramps and edema associated with your cycle.

Women's Fxis a proprietary formulation that combines the potent nutrients of pomegranate concentrate and blueberry concentrate with the herbal benefits of black cohosh, green tea extract, soy isoflavones and wild yam. Pomegranate and blueberries have been shown to contain anti-oxidants.

Youngevitys Women's Fx should be part of a complete supplement program that also includes Ultimate Classic and Majestic Earth Osteo FX


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